Scott Kiloby’s mindfulness practices and Living Inquiries align beautifully with the latest medical research on trauma and the body, mind and brain.

When you are in the grip of PTSD, it can be tough to believe you will ever again experience a day without fear, where your mind responds normally to outside stimuli and where you experience the joy of being in your body. You don’t have to suffer forever because something happened that caused your system to overload.

A comprehensive, holistic program based on the 5,000 year old science of mindfulness, yoga and meditation will help you recover from PTSD and other responses to trauma like anxiety and depression on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I experienced PTSD after being physically assaulted in 2005. I was very grateful at the time to have a dozen years of experience practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. I knew how to breathe to calm myself. I had practices to access the strength I needed to testify in court. I knew a lot about the mind’s processes and was able to research and understand how the primitive brain hijacks the conscious mind.

When my mind was too traumatized to meditate and I had no control over flashbacks, I discovered short, guided relaxations helped. Smooth, even diaphragmatic breath stabilizes the mind and emotions. The whiplash in my neck benefitted from slow, mindful yoga stretching and massage therapy.  I learned to respect the temporary limitations imposed by fear and to avoid re-traumatizing my system. The high startle response common in PTSD resides in a deeper part of the brain than the conscious mind. Therapies that work with the conscious mind can be complemented with practices that work directly with the deeper layers of the mind. This is where meditation and yoga nidra shine. When we create the right conditions, the body and mind heal itself.

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