December 1, 2015 is the first day we met online to practice together. To celebrate our year of community practice and to open a space for deepening, I am offering a one day silence retreat Saturday December 3rd, 2016.

Silence is not merely an absence of speech. It is an opportunity for a dive into the deeper layers of the mind through contemplation and meditation. We all have a recognition of our origins being a deeply, eternally silent place. We touch into the silence experienced in the pranamaya kosha (breath and energy) and manomaya koshsa (sheath or layer of mind). When interior silence becomes our baseline, we speak from there, play from there, smile from there and live in the world much more effectively.

The thought of observing a day of meditative silence can be both intimidating and exhilarating. Being with others in a supporting environment is a wonderful way to increase our capacity for silence and practice with intention and calm. Don’t worry if you’ve never done silence or are not experienced in meditation. Periods of sitting will alternate with movement and relaxation. You are practicing from the privacy of your own home and can modify to suit what you need.

There are many levels of silence. For this day, I suggest we refrain from speech, reading and journaling during our time together. Our intent is to focus as deeply as possible within, observing body, breath and mind throughout the day.

We begin with our regular daily practice at 8AM Eastern. Through the day we will  experience guided relaxation practices, gentle yoga, yoga nidra, deep resting, alternate nostril breathing and both seated and walking meditation. We’ll take a longer break mid day to walk outdoors or rest on our own.

If you can commit for the whole day, that is good. If you can manage part of the day, that is also good. Give yourself this day of silence in a way that is nurturing and healing for you.

There is no charge for this day of practice together. Please email Lynn Fraser at to register and receive more details.

Schedule for the day            Preparing for Silence, practical tips

During Silence, what to expect during the day

This is similar to a guided yoga nidra we will practice together during our retreat