I don’t spend a lot of time reading or thinking about awakening or enlightenment. What it is. What it is not. Am I or am I not and to what degree? Yet in preparation for the workshop this weekend (Meditation, Spiritual Depth and the End of Spiritual Seeking), I have been contemplating what has moved the needle for me.

I love simple, clear thinking and uncomplicated practices. Relaxing my body, cultivating continuous diaphragmatic breathing, and developing the strength and capacity to not follow every train of thought in the mind are my foundation. These practices remove many of the obstacles to resting in presence. I know my bodymind, my system. It no longer scares me.

It is fun researching how some respected nondual teachers approach the topic of Awakening and Enlightenment. I am connected personally with my own teachers in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation – Swami Rama Swami Veda and Pandit Dabral, and with Scott Kiloby through the Living Inquiries. I have also studied with and learned from Adyashanti, Gangaji, Craig Hamilton, Mooji, and Eckhart Tolle. This is a diverse group yet there is general agreement on core principles.

Who Am I?

You ARE that ever-unfolding mystery beyond the mind
You are the light of awareness – the source and expression of all that is
There is no you who is awake, there is only awakeness
Before the movement of the mind lies emptiness – the gateway of heart wisdom, spontaneous intuitive intelligence
Perceiving Oneness is a step to knowing I AM that One
You already are what you are seeking
The dynamic aspect and the non-dynamic Reality are One; you are witnessing life occurring in you
People who are awake are content, centered in Truth, not fantasizing about the future
The initial I am sense is still here, unchanged.
Life itself is still here, regardless of the uncountable changes in all life forms
Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have

Mindfulness, awareness of one’s thoughts with curiosity and without suppression
Train the mind to let go of its tendencies to think, analyze, remember and then you can relax into a clear, quiet focus within
Do not try to escape, welcome what is, explore within
Rest with and make all emotions conscious, letting them be as they are
Real meditation is letting go of control
Become an expression of, not a consumer of, realization; experiences come and go
Observe with detachment; watch our dynamic expression in the manifest world from a place of total silence

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