We identify with our experiences, especially when we didn’t feel safe or were hurt. They are very compelling.

Try adding “I have experienced” to the beginning of some phrases. If you are looking at a core belief of “I am unlovable”, also look at these two sentences:

“I have had the experience of
feeling unloved.”  

“I have had the experience of
feeling loved.”

We change our perspective when we see these words are describing a way we sometimes feel based on our experiences.

Our whole nervous system is set up to be alert to danger. Remembering we have had both  positive and negative experiences helps to overcome the brain’s negativity bias.

Does the experience of feeling unloved really mean what you believe it to mean? That you are unlovable? Then what does it mean that you have also had the experience of feeling loved?

What are some of your stories? Looking at sentences of opposites begins at about the eleven minute mark in the video.


I Have Experienced
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