It has happened to all of us – feeling overwhelmed and emotionally flooded. The nervous system is triggered into fight/flight/freeze. Our pre-frontal cortex goes “off-line” and we move into survival mode. It triggers a storm of hormones and chemicals that activate and move through our body for the next 25 minutes.

We can’t always prevent feeling threatened. We can learn to recognize the signs we are flooded, move into healing mode and minimize possible damage.

Our breath can signal us when we’re feeling emotionally flooded. Often we stop breathing. We breathe in then hold. Our breath and body become frozen.  Tune in to your breath, relax and soften your stomach muscles and take several long breaths. We need six second long exhales to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response. This will help your system recover more quickly.

This short clip is from Calming Your Nervous System. You can register for the 90 minute workshop here:


This breathing practice will help:

Emotional Flooding
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