We all want to feel free. To be free. To have a mind that can let go of obsessive thought.  A body that is relaxed and free from anxiety and tension. Over-identification and resistance to life events leads to dissatisfaction, grasping and seeking. This is the opposite of the freedom we feel we could enjoy. We want to be less affected by other people’s judgments and to move from an external to an internal locus of control. My own experience in life has proven we can transform our lives and experience calm and peace.

Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries are a potent tool to clearly see and dissolve negative, anxious, and compulsive thought patterns. Defense mechanisms that protect us are also numbing, shutting out both pain and joy. Integrating the perennial wisdom of spiritual inquiry and Natural Rest with the latest scientific research on neuroplasticity, we work with dissolving obstacles and cultivating conditions where freedom arises naturally.

We’ll explore freedom from … (eg what we don’t want)

Freedom to …  go to bed when we’re tired instead of staying up compulsively on social media

Freedom from feeling anxious all the time

Freedom to enjoy a walk at the beach without being distracted by thought

Freedom …

We will go deeply into many aspects of this in our time together.

When you sign up for the full course, you engage in four 90-minute group sessions and six individual sessions: four with Senior Facilitator Lynn Fraser and two with other Certified Living Inquiries Facilitators. You receive a copy of Scott Kiloby’s ebook, Living Relationship and we set up a private Facebook group for support and discussion.

Cost: $425 US for the full course and there are options available. The next course begins Sunday October 2nd.

I would love to hear from you. To register and to discuss how you would like to participate, please contact Lynn at nondualinquiry@gmail.com or through a private message on Facebook. We’ll get together online and talk.

Deepening Courses like this one count as a pre-requisite for Living Inquiries Facilitator Training.

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