Exploring Eating and Food with Living Inquiries and Natural Rest:
A Deepening Course with Lynn Fraser, Senior Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s living Inquiries


Below are some issues and resources we may explore in the group and during individual facilitated sessions. There is a high level of intensity and triggering around eating and food. The priority is an atmosphere of safety where we can look and work honestly with kindness and compassion.

Issue: Do you feel shame around your eating or weight? Shame, like other trauma and emotion, is stored in our bodies.

Resources: guided Body Identification Inquiry. We’ll look for shame and shameful body parts. Does your stomach know it should be ashamed?

Issue: Are you are postponing your ‘real life’ until you are your ideal weight or your eating is under control?
Resources: Looking for the thoughts (words and images) that make up our idea of real life, ideal weight, control/out of control.

Issue: Is compulsive eating a way you escape from or manage traumatic feelings and energy?
Resources: It is natural and essential to have escape strategies. We have many guided natural rest and inquiry practices for safely working with trauma. Resolving trauma reduces the drive to manage and escape.

Issue: How do descriptive labels sit with you? I have an eating disorder.
Resources: Inquiry into phrases like eating disorder, food addiction, mental illness. Boomerang: what does that label reflect back about me?

Issue: Fear, anxiety, rules and control
Resources: Inquiry into the comfort of rigid thinking and rules, fear of trigger foods, fear of one slip turning into a binge. We’ll directly support the nervous system to reduce anxiety through breathing and relaxation practices.


Registrants receive:

Four group sessions of 1.5 hours each will take place at 3:30 PM Eastern on Sundays beginning early May.

Six individual sessions: four with Lynn Fraser and two with other Certified Living Inquiries facilitators.

You receive a copy of Scott Kiloby’s ebook, Living Relationship and membership in a private Facebook group for support and discussion.

Cost is between $99 for group classes only option to $425 US. Contact Lynn at nondualinquiry@gmail.com. I am happy to meet with you online to discuss options and your participation. For some people the group times will not work and we can come to an accommodation.

Note: Deepening courses are a part of the prerequisites for Living Inquiries facilitator training.

Exploring Eating and Food
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