The Unfindable Inquiry (the UI) is the main tool within all the Living Inquiries.  The UI is the foundation for the relationship inquiries: the Boomerang and Panorama Inquiries. The UI is the inquiry we use to see that a particular person (e.g., self or other) is empty of separate nature.  It focuses on one person at a time.  In sessions the client tries to find the “invisible self” using the UI.  They cannot find it and so they find a release from that core sense of self.

The Compulsion Inquiry can be used on any compulsion, addiction, or craving, including food, alcohol, sex/porn, gambling, internet use, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and seeking enlightenment.

The Anxiety Inquiry looks for the seemingly external threat, danger, or attack as well as the internal sense of self that is threatened, endangered, or attacked.

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The Boomerang Inquiry is an additional tool to use when you can’t quite name or “get a feel for” the deficient self.  Like a boomerang that returns back to the thrower, the deficient self is mirrored back to you in relationship.  By using the Boomerang Inquiry, you’ll see that mirroring effect and you’ll be able to name and then see through the deficient self that is being reflected back to you in relationship.  You can inquire into your relationship with anything using the Boomerang Inquiry—any person, place, event, goal, or other thing.  When we really believe that we are deficient at the core, almost everything can appear to confirm our story.

The Panorama Inquiry is based on the panorama view of all your relationships with people and things.  Like the Boomerang Inquiry, it is merely a tool to help you name the deficient self that is being mirrored back to you in all your relationships. Once you name it, you then try to find it using the UI.

*Perhaps the most important thing about these inquiries is that they are best experienced, at first, with a facilitator.  The facilitator gently guides you through the questions, so that you can just look at words, pictures, emotions and sensations.

Why work with a facilitator?

The facilitators are trained to help you use the Boomerang and Panorama Inquiries if you have difficulty putting a name to how you feel about yourself when you find conflict or disharmony in relationships. The Compulsion Inquiry and Anxiety are woven together with the Unfindable Inquiry. A facilitator can help hold the space for a person sitting with uncomfortable or scary sensations. I find I can often facilitate myself and other times it is helpful to work with a facilitator.

Testimonial by Lane: “I’m grateful for Lynn’s sensitivity, integrity and skill as she holds the space for me to feel the fear I’ve unknowingly avoided my entire life. Lynn’s gentle intelligent guidance through the Living Inquiries has helped release the Velcro that kept my thoughts welded to my gut-wrenching feelings. That welding, that Velcro drove my self-defeating behaviour. Anyone considering this work could only benefit from Lynn’s compassion and expertise.” 

Tips on Self-facilitation

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Lynn Fraser is a Certified Senior Facilitator & Trainer of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries.

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